J ava Project - Airline Reservation

The explains everything about this airline project. This project is an Airline Reservation application project used to reserve tickets for National and International airlines.

Those who are new to java can also understand how to run this project. Here, the full details about how to run this project is explained with clear screen shots.

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 Set the JDK Path

You need to set the JDK path to run this program. To know how to set the path click here

 Airline Reservation Complete Project

  1. First download the complete Airline Reservation (airline.zip) Project and unzip it
  2. Open the command prompt
  3. Go to the path where the airline project is saved (type cd c:\...\airline in the command prompt)
  4. Compile all the java files(type javac *.java in the command prompt)
  5. Run the project (type java LoginPage in the command prompt)
  6. Now the Login Page will display. Here, you can view the national and international for business and economic price list.
    Here, in the type in the username as demo and password as demo
  7. Now the Main Page will display. Here, you can view the national and international for business and economic price list.
    Here, you can now click Domestic Flight Booking or International Flight Booking to reserver airline tickets
  8. Now the Reservation Form Page will display.
    Here, you need to type and select all the required field and click the Find Flight button. (Maximum 60 seats available in each airplane)
  9. Now a dialog box will open. To conform click the Yes button

  10. Project completed Successfully
 The Abstract (or Executive Summary):

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